Some Things to Remember for Good Poetry

In order to write good poems, you need to have more than just writing resources. You also need, among many other things, the capacity to do what you need to do to express your thoughts and feelings in a less obvious, more artistic way. If you intend to do better in poetry (as well as hope to build a website out of all your works in the future), then you’d better start paying attention and remember to take notes.




Tips for Good Poetry


First, be ready to subvert the ordinary. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with ordinariness, but the first thing you need to understand about poetry is that you need to be able to see and extract the extraordinary from the ordinary. Otherwise, all your works just end up being rehashes of reality as it is, and that is definitely not poetic at all. So do subvert the ordinary, turn it on its head, transform it into something that will last a lifetime.



Second, make sure that you are able to clearly communicate a theme. Some people think that a theme is simply a topic, but let it be said from the outset that these people are dead wrong. A theme, especially in poetry (this is something your website visitors can note for future use), is a statement about a topic, expressing an opinion. This opinion is then something you communicate throughout your whole poem. And yes, do make sure that you stick to this message.





Third, if you’re ever going to write good poetry, then you’re going to have to accept your fate as a poet: revise, revise, revise. This is true for research papers, true for college essays, and yes, it’s true for poems, too. You can’t write a poem once and then expect that it’ll come out perfectly, without any need for revision. Any work of art is always a work in progress, so do take time to allow yours to progress.

Of course, no one is expecting you to be an overnight success. Everything that’s worth it will never come easy, so it’s good to acquaint yourself with the difficulties early on.


  1. Rachelle - Reply

    I’ve always wanted to become a good poet, but I always had a problem with revision. I used to have this mistaken idea that editing was for losers, but of course I’ve learned my lesson now. Whatever other people might tell you, revision matters a lot, because it’ll help you perfect your craft.

  2. Alan - Reply

    being good at poetry does not necessarily mean you are intelligent or a genius. It just show how good are you at expressing your thoughts into words.

  3. Joe - Reply

    Poetry are now becoming a trend among the younger generations. But instead of written poetry, they are doing spoken or vocal poetry – on stand up comedy bars LOL

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